Taking the weight off your shoulders


Either you are a company looking for someone to relocate your new employee, or you are a private person looking for assistance with your forthcoming change of city, either way, an explanation on how best to proceed enables you to choose the right services for the smoothest move possible.

Lets talk about it.


I understand the process of moving, the rollercoaster ride of feelings, the difficulties in finding a flat on the Hamburg market, the questions about schooling, what about kindergartens, all these forms to fill out.. and the language barriers on top. 

I understand the wish for things to go well, and if you are starting a new job: The need to simply start work with a free mind.


You will find my services help.


You might be coming to Hamburg or leaving, maybe a whole company is moving. My services can be individually tailored to make the process as easy going as can be. All of my services can be booked as smaller or larger packages or as individual services. For prices please send me a mail and ask for an individual offer. A network of reliable relocation agents works on my and your side.


I know the next steps



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